About us

We are a payment provider that offers you adjusted commissions.

Our mission is to provide a payment service as efficient as possible, to improve the user experience in any transaction that exists.

Passion Led us Here

Our team

We work closely with other departments such as technology, operations and HR to align goals, strategy and information sharing. … By fostering open channels of communication and an environment wherein ideas can be shared

We operate in a high-performance, fast-paced, innovative environment driven by people who love teamwork.We are proud of our friendly, supportive and inclusive culture where you can always speak up and have an impact.

Our history

We were born in Limassol, Cyprus this year 2021. Our story is happening right now. There is a worldwide difficulty for a significant part of the population to access financial products in order to manage their daily needs. Our goal is clear: to develop an online payment proposal that allows global companies to connect with their potential clients and consumers, through a secure, convenient and accessible payment network.


Features of our way of working

Efficient team

Our team will always be available to offer you the best possible solution.

Single API

For frictionless onboarding, security, rich functionality and flexibility

Customer service

Clear pricing, fast settlements and decision making. 48 hour onboarding

Start your journey today

Our robust and flexible technology makes payments so seamless you don’t even need to think about them